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  • Product Name: Weichai wd10 Engine parts Engine 组件批发
  • Product Type: Bulldozer Parts-Engine assembly and associated accessories
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  • Minimum order quantity : One start (wholesale and retail)
  • Release time: 2020-06-15 19:49:21
  • Product introduction : Weichai wd10 engine
Product information

Weichai WD615 / wd10 / wd12, DEUTZ 226B series engine for construction machinery, according to the configuration requirements of different manufacturers, put the air filter and muffler on the top of the engine, and the supercharger is installed on the top. In order to further improve the product performance of the machine, new high configuration is adopted, such as P10 high-pressure oil pump, plate fin oil cooler, multi wedge belt drive, multi-stage composite air filter, etc., and the key components are imported configuration. The power range is 118kw-250kw, which is the ideal power for 4T, 5T, 6T and 8t loaders.



 品牌 潍柴动力 型号 226B/WD10/WD12/WD615
 气缸数 6(个) 排量 9.726(L)
 排放标准 欧Ⅱ 缸径×行程 126*130(mm)
 形式 直列 适用车型 装载机、挖掘机等
 带速 600+ -50(r/min) 进气门间隙 0.3(mm)
 扭矩 1500(nm) 排气门间隙 0.4(mm)
 压缩比 17 大输出扭矩 2000(nm)
 大输入速度 2100(rpm) 低燃油消耗率 《185
 燃油容量 500(公升) 气门数 2(个)
 重量(净重) 650(kg) 产地 潍坊

Weichai wd10 Engine parts Engine 组件批发

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