Bulldozer Parts,Excavator Parts,Supporting wheel,supporting wheel,guide wheel,retail and wholesale。
China Shandong Jining Bulldozer Parts


Bulldozer Parts and Excavator Parts

China Shandong Jining Bulldozer Parts has been established for 10 years, with independent import and export of construction machinery, with annual sales of over 100 million yuan. Mainly exported overseas. Self produced, self-selling, wholesale and retail, welcome to ask for the price list of accessories.

Main bulldozer Parts: Shantui TY320, TY220, TY160, ty130 and other bulldozer supporting wheels, supporting wheels, guide wheels, knife angle blades, various covers, final drive accessories, scarifier accessories, push rods and shovel heads, etc

Excavator Parts: Xiaosong pc60.pc130.pc200/220.oc300.pc360.pc400 and other excavator pin shaft, bushing, cylinder piston rod, roller, guide wheel, tensioning device, bucket and accessories, hose and hard pipe accessories;

Mini excavator sales; Cummins,Weichai engine parts. Learn more

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