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What brand of bulldozer parts? What brand is good to buy?

Release time: 2020-06-01 17:39:17 Source: Bulldozer

  What brand of bulldozer accessories is good? Do you want to buy the original parts or the standard parts of the sub factory?

  First of all, the accessories of the original factory are generally expensive. Accessories are not high-tech products. Generally, as long as they are made of the same material and standard, accessories of the subsidiary factory or production base are also suitable for purchase.

  Many friends have spent a lot of money to buy the bulldozer of famous brand Shantui. In the process of use, there are some losses or failures, which lead to the need to replace the parts. Then, the manufacturer's original parts are more expensive, and the replacement cycle is also very long. In this case, if you need to repair the machine urgently, you can choose the third-party parts, because these excavator / bulldozer parts are standard parts, with standards Our specifications and parameters are universal, so we should learn to choose bulldozer accessories by ourselves.

  So what brand of bulldozer accessories is good? First of all, we should learn to judge the quality from the appearance. To see the shell of the accessory, check the appearance carefully to see if it has any marks of being disassembled or bumped, damaged or cracked, just present this situation, no matter how cheap the product quotation is, don't buy it. If there are some small scratches, you can think about cutting the price. This is because some small friction and scars cannot be prevented in the process of transportation, so it can be considered as long as it does not affect the use; We should also pay attention to the thickness, size and weight of the bulldozer accessories manufacturers' products, and compare them with the bulldozer accessories of the same type, and judge which accessories we need to buy according to our actual needs.

The chain of construction machinery bulldozer is generally made of metal ring-shaped products. The wear caused by chain collision is very serious when working, so it must be coated with some lubricating oil, so as to ensure the reduction of wear. For bulldozer chain, it is easy to lubricate roller and sprocket, but it is difficult to lubricate chain shaft and shaft sleeve. Therefore, it is required to ensure good permeability of lubricating oil, otherwise it can not play a good lubricating effect on the shaft and shaft sleeve. Excellent adhesion.