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Causes and solutions of main clutch and transmission failure of bulldozer

Release time: 2020-11-20 11:05:19 Source: Bulldozer

There are many common chassis failures of bulldozers. The following are the causes and solutions of the main clutch and transmission failures.

Causes and solutions of main clutch and transmission failure of bulldozer

The main clutch is malfunctioning.

Common faults of the main clutch of the bulldozer are: slipping, incomplete separation, abnormal noise, automatic disengagement, wear or breakage of the connecting block. The wear of the passive plate causes the friction plate gap to be too large, the performance of the pressure plate spring is weakened, and the reed pressure is insufficient. The friction plate surface is stained with oil or the joint surface is in poor contact, etc., and it will slip. Use gasoline to clean the oily friction plate. File or grind; replace the failed friction plates and springs; if the clearance is too small, the passive disc will be warped or installed incorrectly, which will cause the clutch to be incompletely separated. The clearance of the passive disc should be readjusted, or the warped friction discs should be re-adjusted ; When the mating parts are loose and cause the impact sound, check the wear of the parts and make corresponding adjustments, repairs or replacement of new parts; the gap between the middle disc and the front passive disc is too large or the small end spherical diameter of the loose arm and the steel bowl If the clearance of the inner hole is too small, the main clutch will be automatically disengaged. The clearance between the passive disc and the intermediate disc should be adjusted between 0.5 and 1.0 mm, and the spherical diameter of the release arm and the inner hole of the steel bowl should be adjusted between 0.3 and 0.5 mm When the connecting block is severely worn or broken, the main clutch assembly should be removed, and the center line of the engine and transmission should be adjusted to meet the technical requirements.

Transmission failure.

Common faults of bulldozer gearboxes are mainly: oil temperature is too high, it is not easy to shift gears and automatically disengage, there is knocking sound. If the oil temperature is too high, the oil level in the transmission is too low and poor lubrication. Sometimes the load is too large or the bearing is installed too tightly. Check whether the oil level is suitable, whether the temperature of the bearing part is too high, and adjust the bearing clearance; it is not easy to engage in gear and Automatic shifting is mostly caused by gear tooth surface peeling or spline wear, grooves, difficult gear movement, excessive clearance, positioning pin wear, spring elasticity is too weak, gears are not fully meshed when shifting, and the shaft lock lever is not adjusted correctly, etc. , Check whether the distance between the lever of the shaft locker is appropriate, and replace with new parts when the spring force is insufficient; there is a knocking sound, which is mostly due to tooth surface wear, excessive gap between teeth or loose splines, etc., and each part should be checked according to technical requirements The wear condition and the area of the meshing surface, after re-installation, the sound in the transmission is uniform, which meets the technical requirements.