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How much does Shantui SD160 bulldozer blade tilt cylinder cost?

Release time: 2020-11-08 16:20:17 Source: Bulldozer

The blade tilt cylinder of the bulldozer is an important part of the working device. The tilt cylinder realizes the pitching function of the cutter head when it is telescopic at the same time, and the tilt function of the blade is realized when the tilt cylinder is not stretched at the same time. The following is the structure diagram of the tilt cylinder assembly of the Shantui SD16 bulldozer And the part number. If you need to replace the part, please report the number to our online customer service!

How much does Shantui SD160 bulldozer blade tilt cylinder cost?

Tilting cylinder: 16Y-63-13000

1 cylinder assembly: 16Y-63-13100

2 Bushing: 07143-10505

3 Dust seal: 16Y-63-13600

4 ball hinge seat: 16Y-63-13004

5 Piston rod: 16Y-63-13300

6 Gland assembly: 16Y-63-13200

7KY circle: 16Y-63-13006

8 Dust seal: 16Y-63-13005

9 Stefan: 16Y-63-13400

10Guide ring: 16Y-63-13007

11 bolts: 01010-32770

12 Washer: 01602-22783

13O ring: 07000-05150

14 Support ring: 16Y-63-13008

15 piston: 16Y-63-13003

16 Grameen circles: 16Y-63-13500

17O-ring: 07000-12055

18 Washer: 16Y-63-13002

19 round nuts: 16Y-63-13001

20 steel wire: 04059-01025

21 screws: 01322-30820

22 tubing assembly: 16Y-63-13700

23 bolts: 01010-30810

24 Washer: 01642-00810

25 pipe clamp: 16Y-63-13009

In addition: Shantui SD16 bulldozer blade tilt cylinder assembly price: 1750 yuan