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What is the structure drawing and part number of Shantui SD160 bulldozer ripper assembly?

Release time: 2020-11-05 16:54:53 Source: Bulldozer

The ripper has a replaceable working device with crushing and loosening functions. There are rippers for excavators and rippers for bulldozers. Rippers for excavators are also called bucket hooks, and rippers for bulldozers are also called tail hooks. They are generally single-tooth, but also two-tooth or three-tooth, with strong digging cutting force. An integrally cast loosening tooth, with ear holes on the upper part, which are respectively hinged with the stick and bucket cylinder, and the tip of the tooth tip has a hard alloy surfacing tooth cap. When the piston rod of the hydraulic cylinder is extended, the tooth tip is forced to be inserted And turn the soil. Used for excavating cracked rocks, breaking frozen soil, and also for digging asphalt roads. It is suitable for the crushing and splitting of hard soil, sub-hard stone and weathered stone, so as to facilitate excavation and loading operations with a bucket. This article will give you a detailed explanation of the structure diagram and part number of the Shantui SD160 bulldozer ripper assembly. If you need to replace the parts, you can directly report the number to the online customer service for consultation!

What is the structure drawing and part number of Shantui SD160 bulldozer ripper assembly?

Ripper valve assembly: 16Y-60-110001, main valve assembly: 16Y-60-11100, (701-32-42001)

1 Valve body: 16Y-60-11101, (701-33-32112)

2 Slide valve: 16Y-60-11102, (701-33-31430)

3 valves: 16Y-60-11111, (701-33-31120)

4 Spring: 16Y-60-11110, (701-33-31130)

5 seats: 16Y-60-11109, (701-33-31150)

6O ring: 07000-13035

7 Backing plate: 16Y-60-11108, (701-33-31160)

8 bolts: 01010-31235

9 Washer: 01602-01236

10 casing: 16Y-60-11106, (701-33-46171)

11 retaining ring: 16Y-60-11103, (701-33-31380)

12 boards: 16Y-60-11107, (701-33-46340)

13 Washer: 01602-01030

14 spring: 16Y-60-11104, (701-33-31191)

15 bolts: 01010-31280

16 bolts: 01010-31095

17 sleeve: 16Y-60-11105, (701-33-46350)

18 boards: 16Y-60-11105, (701-33-31360)

19O ring: 07000-13040

20 bolts: 01010-31440

21 Washer: 01602-01442

22 Safety Supplement Valve: 16Y-60-11010